ArrayMaker 2.6 – Provides Robotic Control of Microarrayer Robots

ArrayMaker 2.6


ArrayMaker provides high performance robotic control of microarrayer robots with an incredibly intuitive, easy to use interface. ArrayMaker is optimized for use with the new generation of ultra fast linear servo driven arrayers, yet it is backwards compatible with the original MGuide style of ball-screw driven arrayers.


Features highly flexible configuration options, orange packing, replicate spots, replicate arrays, multiple slide and plate orientations.


Derisi Lab



Windows 98/2000/NT/XP, Galil DMC-1832 Series PCI Bus Controller Card


ArrayMaker 2.6, File Size:2,494K


This version has a new parameter in the “motor.cfg” file for a separate acceleration value for the x-stage during test prints. This value should be entered on the 19th line of your “motor.cfg” file, inserted between the “HPrintZ” line and the “SpeedX” line.

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