KiNG 2.21 – Three Dimensional Vector Graphics

KiNG 2.21


KiNG (Kinemage, Next Generation) is an interactive system for three-dimensional vector graphics. It supports a set of graphics primitives that make it suitable for many types of graphs, plots, and other illustrations; although its first use was to display macromolecular structures for biophysical research.


A kinemage is a kinetic image, an interactive, three-dimensional illustration.Because kinemages contain simple geometric objects points, lines, spheres,etc.They are suited to a great variety of subjects, from simple sketchesto sophisticated plots to detailed schematics of 3-D objects. Their strength is in selective presentation of information they were originally intended as an alternative to flat, static illustrations in scientific journals.


Richardson Lab



  • Windows / Mac / ¬†Linux /
  • Java


KiNG ; kingInBrowser ; king-manual.pdf


KiNG is free software available under the terms of its own BSD-style license.

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