Mol2Mol 5.6.3 – Molecule File Manipulation & Conversion

Mol2Mol 5.6.3


Mol2Mol is a menu-driven program that converts between the file formats used by the major PC modeling programs.


Mol2Mol recognizes, reads and writes about 50 different file formats and subformats. It contains a simple graphic display module to inspect the currently loaded molecule. It possesses some chemical intelligence for recognizing detailed atom types, hybridization and chemical environments, which is necessary for converting simpler formats (like X-ray crystallographic files) to more advanced ones, or when hydrogen atoms are automatically to be added to the heavy atoms. Problematic files can be corrected within Mol2mol or as ASCII files by calling directly your favourite text editor.

Mol2Mol can convert molecular files into POV-Ray files. As with POV-Ray in general, you can create not only serious scientific illustrations, but surrealistic or funny images as well.


Dr. Tamas E. Gunda




Mol2Mol trial version


Mol2Mol is a shareware. Mol2Mol single user licence: € 39.  Buy Mol2Mol now via Share-It! with your credit card.

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