BlurLab 0.9 – 3D Simulated Microscopy Software Package

BlurLab 0.9


BlurLab simulate the full 3D light field of a fluorescence microscope, perform TIRF, FRAP or Z-slicing, add noise, and generate output images.It is an easy to use platform for generating simulated fluorescence microscopy data for use in mechanistic modeling visualization, image comparison, and hypothesis testing. The software accepts the 3D positions, intensities and labels of fluorescing objects that are produced by an underlying mechanistic model and transforms them into high quality simulated images. The program includes full 3D convolution with realistic (or even measured) point spread functions; inclusion of thermal, shot and custom noise spectra; simulations of mean and fully stochastic photobleacing; the ability to view scenes in wide-field and TIRF, and perform Z-slicing; and the ability simulate FRAP experiments.



BlurLab Team



  • Windows / MacOsX /  Linux




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