ViTO 20031125 – Protein Sequence Structure Alignments

ViTO 20031125


ViTO is a graphical application, including an editor, of multiple sequence alignment and a three-dimensional (3D) structure viewer. It is possible to manipulate alignments containing hundreds of sequences and to display a dozen structures. ViTO can handle so-called ‘multiparts’ alignments to allow the visualization of complex structures (multi-chain proteins and/or small molecules and DNA) and the editing of the corresponding alignment. The 3D viewer and the alignment editor are connected together allowing rapid refinement of sequence–structure alignment by taking advantage of the immediate visualization of resulting insertions/deletions and strict conservations in their structural context. More generally, it allows the mapping of informations about the sequence conservation extracted from the alignment onto the 3D structures in a dynamic way.



V.Catherinot — CBS BioInformatic Team —



  • Linux/WIndows/MacOsX





ViTO: tool for refinement of protein sequence–structure alignments
Vincent Catherinot and Gilles Labesse
Bioinformatics (2004) 20 (18): 3694-3696.

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