Vector NTI Viewer 4.0.1 – Read DNA Sequence Data from GenBank, EMBL or FASTA files

Vector NTI Viewer 4.0.1


Vector NTI Viewer, a freeware program, allows scientists to study and analyze biological molecules. It incorporates a small subset of functions from the much more sophisticated Vector NTI Suite software.Vector NTI Viewer can read Vector NTI Molecule Documents, and molecule data from GenBank, EMBL or FASTA files. You may also paste molecule descriptions in one of the above formats from the Clipboard. In addition, the Viewer can read plain nucleotide sequence data form ASCII file or the Clipboard, automatically creating a virtual annotated molecule for that nucleotide sequence.


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  • Windows / Macintosh


Vector NTI Viewer


The Vector NTI Viewer is free.