rTDT 1.0 – software for TDT with missing data

rTDT 1.0


rTDT (robust TDT) handles incomplete genotypes on both parents and children and that does not rest on any assumption about the missing data mechanism. rTDT returns minimum and maximum values of TDT ( the transmission disequilibrium test) that are consistent with all the possible completions of the missing data. We also show that, in some situations, rTDT can achieve both greater power and greater significance than the popular TDT analysis of incomplete data. rTDT is applied to a database of markers of susceptibility to Crohn’s disease and it shows that only 2 of the 11 markers originally associated with the phenotype do not depend on assumptions about the missing data mechanism.



Bios, University of GranadaGranada , Spain




  • Linux/Windows/MacOsX
  • C Compiler
  • Matlab





Sebastiani, P; Abad, M.M.; Alpargu, G; Ramoni, M.F.
Robust Transmission/Disequilibrium Test for Incomplete Family Genotypes“,
Genetics 168, 2329-2337, 2004

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