PoolHap2 / PoolHapX 1.0.0 – Inferring Haplotype frequencies from Pooled Sequencing

PoolHap2 / PoolHapX 1.0.0


PoolHap2 is a computer program that infers haplotype (or epitype in case of DNA methylation sequencing) from a pool.  In its current release, only pathogen sequencing application is implemented. In pathogen studies utilizing next generation sequencing, investigators ofte n collect samples naturally as pools of multiple strains, e.g., when the samples are taken from patients’ blood. To analyze these types of within-host polymorphisms, one would ideally like to determine the haplotypes in the sample. Even though isolation of single strains is possible by time-consuming experiments, the haplotype frequencies of different pathogen strains within a host are usually unknown, and this may well alter the initial within-sample frequencies. Here we developed Poolhap, a tool enabling researchers to infer the strain numbers and haplotype frequencies in silico from sequences of pooled samples.


The PoolHapX program reconstructs haplotypes within-host from pooled-sequencing data by integrating population genetic models (statistical linkage disequilibrium) with genomics reads (physical linkage). It approximate the resolution of single-cell sequencing using only pooled sequencing data, enabling within-host evolution analyses.


Quan Long




  • Linux/ Windows / MacOsX
  • Java


 PoolHap , PoolHapX



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