PolyPhred 6.18 – SNP Detection

PolyPhred 6.18


PolyPhred is a program that compares fluorescence-based sequences across traces obtained from different individuals to identify heterozygous sites for single nucleotide substitutions. PolyPhred is not a stand alone application. PolyPhred’s functions are integrated with the use of three other programs: Phred, Phrap, and Consed . PolyPhred identifies potential heterozygotes using the base calls and peak information provided by Phred and the sequence alignments provided by Phrap. Potential heterozygotes identified by PolyPhred are marked for rapid inspection using the Consed tool.



Dr. Deborah Nickerson’s lab at the University of Washington



  • Linux/Mac OsX/Solaris/SGI IRIX/Compaq Tru64 Alpha/HP-UX


PolyPhred ; Documation


PolyPhred is available for free to researchers at academic and non-profit institutions.

Commercial businesses wanting to acquire PolyPhred are required to purchase a commercial license agreement.


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