noisy 1.5.12 – Identify Homo-plastic Characters in Multiple Sequence Alignments

noisy 1.5.12


Noisy is a software to identify homo-plastic characters in multiple sequence alignments.In a first phase the rows of the input multiple sequence alignment (MSA) in multi fasta format are reordered to conform to a circular ordering. For this purpose noisy includes the corresponding subset of routines from David Bryant and Vincent Moulton’s NeighborNet and Stefan Grünewald’s QNet packages. Subsequently, a reliability score for each column of the reordered MSA is calculated. Essentially, the number of character state alterations in an alignment column is counted and compared to the observed count in random shufflings of the column. The uniform pseudo-random number generator Mersenne Twister is used to generate the random shufflings of alignment columns.



Bioinformatics Leipzig




  • Linux





Andreas W. M.Dress, Christoph Flamm, Guido Fritzsch, Stefan Grünewald, Matthias Kruspe, Sonja J. Prohaska, Peter F. Stadler
Noisy: identification of problematic columns in multiple sequence alignments.
Algorithms Mol Biol, 3:7 (2008).

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