NeuroSim 4 – Neurophysiology Simulations

NeuroSim 4


NeuroSim for Windows is a computer program intended for use in teaching neurophysiology, primarily at the undergraduate and beginning graduate-student level. It may also provide entertainment, and perhaps some useful insights, for experienced neurophysiologists. It contains several modules, each of which simulates a particular aspect of neural function. The modules operate independently of each other, but share a common interface. The user first selects the experimental and neurophysiological parameters desired for the particular simulation, and then runs an experiment. The computer generates results that are similar to that of an oscilloscope in a genuine electrophysiological experiment. The user can then vary the parameters to explore the effects of differing conditions. NeuroSim has an intuitive interface so students can concentrate on the underlying science. The programs have been designed for maximum flexibility and configurability, so that each simulation can be used at a range of levels, from simple illustration of phenomena suitable for junior courses, through to advanced data handling and analysis. NeuroSim currently contains six modules. It has won an important prize for Technology in Learning.






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