MUMmerGPU 2.0 – High-throughput sequence alignment using GPU

MUMmerGPU 2.0


MUMmerGPU is an open-source high-throughput parallel pairwise local sequence alignment program that runs on commodity Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in common workstations. MUMmerGPU uses the new Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) from nVidia to align multiple query sequences against a single reference sequence stored as a suffix tree. By processing the queries in parallel on the highly parallel graphics card, MUMmerGPU achieves more than a 10-fold speedup over a serial CPU version of the sequence alignment kernel, and outperforms the exact alignment component of MUMmer on a high end CPU by 3.5-fold in total application time when aligning reads from recent sequencing projects using Solexa/Illumina, 454, and Sanger sequencing technologies. MUMmerGPU is a low cost, ultra-fast sequence alignment program designed to handle the increasing volume of data produced by new, high-throughput sequencing technologies.



Michael Schatz




  • Linux
  • nVidia Card




MUMmerGPU is an open source project.


Cole Trapnell and Michael C. Schatz
Optimizing data intensive GPGPU computations for DNA sequence alignment
Parallel Computing 2009 35(8-9)429-440

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