MetaCluster 5.0.1 / MetaCluster-TA 1.2.1 / MetaAnnotator 1.4.4beta – Binning and Annotation Tool for Metagenomic Sequences

MetaCluster 5.0.1 / MetaCluster-TA 1.2.1 / MetaAnnotator1.4.4beta


MetaCluster is an unsupervised binning method for metagenomic sequences.Existing binning methods based on sequence similarity and sequence composition markers rely heavily on the reference genomes of known microorganisms and phylogenetic markers. While MetaCluster is an integrated binning method based on the unsupervised top-down separation and bottom-up merging strategy, it can bin metagenomic sequencing datasets with mixed complex species abundance ratios from the exactly equal situation to the extremely unbalanced situation with consistently higher accuracy when compared with other recently reported methods.


MetaCluster-TA is a new software for binning and annotating short paired-end reads.

MetaAnnotator is a novel software for binning and annotating short paired-end reads.


Bioinformatics Research Group of Hong Kong University




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 MetaCluster , MetaCluster-TA , MetaAnnotator



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