Bsoft 2.1.0 – Image & Molecular Processing in Structural Biology

Bsoft 2.1.0


Bsoft is a collection of programs and a platform for development of software for image and molecular processing in structural biology. Problems in structural biology are approached with a highly modular design, allowing fast development of new algorithms without the burden of issues such as file I/O. It provides an easily accessible interface, a resource that can be and has been used in other packages.


The evolution of Bsoft is unique in the sense that it started from different aims and intentions than the typical image processing package. In stead of solving a particular image processing problem, Bsoft developed to deal with the disparities in approaches in other packages, as well as supporting efforts to handle large volumes of data and processing tasks in heterogeneous environments. As such, the layout and concepts within Bsoft are significantly different from other programs doing the same kind of processing. In the following sections I’m presenting the background and philosophies of Bsoft, which are still evolving, and may continue for some time.


Laboratory of Structural Biology Research



  • Windows with Cygwin / Linux / Mac OsX with Xcode/IRIX64 (SGI)/Solaris (Sun)/AIX (IBM)/OSF1 or Tru64 (Alpha)/VMS (Alpha)
  • Tcl/Tk





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