Arena3D 2.0 – Visualization of Biological Networks in 3D

Arena3D 2.0


Arena3D is a new visualization tool, which introduces a new concept of staggered layers in 3D space. Related data–such as proteins, chemicals, or pathways–can be grouped onto separate layers and arranged via layout algorithms, such as Fruchterman-Reingold, distance geometry, and a novel hierarchical layout. Data on a layer can be clustered via k-means, affinity propagation, Markov clustering, neighbor joining, tree clustering, or UPGMA (‘unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic mean’). A simple input format defines the name and URL for each node, and defines connections or similarity scores between pairs of nodes.



Schneider (Reinhard) Group



  • Windows / Linux /MacOsX
  • Java
  • Java 3D





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