V-RevComp 1.1 – Detect and Re-orient Reverse Complementary SSU and LSU rRNA Sequences

V-RevComp 1.1


V-RevComp is written in Perl and uses hidden Markov models to detect the conserved loci of rRNA genes in order to determine its orientation. The software supports sequence lengths ranging from full-length down to the short reads that are characteristic of next generation sequencing technologies. This tool is highly efficient in detecting and reorienting reverse complementary ribosomal sequences of almost any length and can additionally be used to detect various sequence anomalies.



Martin Hartmann




  • Linux / Windows / MacOsX
  • Perl





Hartmann M, Howes CG, Veldre V, Schneider S, Vaishampayan PA, Yannarell AC, Quince C, Johansson P, Björkroth KJ, Abarenkov K, Hallam SJ, Mohn WW, Nilsson RH (2011).
V-RevComp: Automated high-throughput detection of reverse complementary 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequences in large environmental and taxonomic datasets.
FEMS Microbiology Letters 319(2): 140-145.

Nilsson RH, Veldre V, Wang Z, Eckart M, Branco S, Hartmann M, Quince C, Godhe A, Betrand Y, Alfredsson JF, Larsson KH, Kõljalg, U, Abarenkov K (2011).
A note on the incidence of reverse complementary fungal ITS sequences in the public sequence databases and a software tool for their detection and reorientation.
Mycoscience 52(4): 278-282.

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