V-Phaser 2.0 / V-Profiler 1.0 – Variant Calling and Visualization tools to Identify Biological Mutations in Diverse populations

V-Phaser 2.0 / V-Profiler 1.0


V-Phaser is a tool to call variants in genetically heterogeneous populations from ultra-deep sequence data. V-Phaser combines information regarding the covariation (i.e. phasing) between observed variants to increase sensitivity and an expectation maximization algorithm that iteratively recalibrates base quality scores to increase specificity.


V-Profiler takes a read alignment and a list of accepted variants at each location in the alignment (such as would be generated by V-Phaser) and analyzes the intra-host diversity of a genome. This can be done at the nucleotide level over the whole sequence, at the codon level for each gene specified in a list, and at the haplotype level for any region delimited (note that the region must not exceed a read length, and is preferably of shorter length such as an epitope or a loop of interest).


Computational R&D, The Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA




  • Linux


 V-Phaser  / V-Profiler



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