GO Term Finder 0.86 – Gene Ontology Term Finder

GO Term Finder 0.86


GO Term Finder provide an object oriented set of libraries for dealing with files produced by the Gene Ontology project (GO).  In particular, the GO::TermFinder object allows a client program to provide a list of genes, from which it will determine p-values for the annotation associated with that list of genes.  It does this using the hypergeometric distribution. In addition, a corrected p_value is calculated, to correct for multiple hypothesis testing.  This distribution also contains a version of Shuai Weng’s GO::View module (and associated classes), such that you can graphically display the output of the GO::TermFinder.



Gavin Sherlock etc.




GO Term Finder



.Boyle, E.I., Weng, S., Gollub, J., Jin, H., Botstein, D., Cherry, J.M. and Sherlock, G. (2004)
GO::TermFinder – open source software for accessing Gene Ontology information and finding significantly enriched Gene Ontology terms associated with a list of genes.
Bioinformatics, 20, 3710-3715.

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