SBW 2.12.2 – Systems Biology Workbench

SBW 2.12.2


SBW ( Systems Biology Workbench), is an open source framework connecting heterogeneous software applications.

Researchers in quantitative systems biology make use of a large number of different software packages for modeling, analysis, visualization, and general data manipulation. The Systems Biology Workbench (SBW), is a software framework that allows heterogeneous application components-written in diverse programming languages and running on different platforms-to communicate and use each others’ capabilities via a fast binary encoded-message system.

SBW goal was to create a simple, high performance, open-source software infrastructure which is easy to implement and understand. SBW enables applications (potentially running on separate, distributed computers) to communicate via a simple network protocol. The interfaces to the system are encapsulated in client-side libraries that we provide for different programming languages.


Sauro Lab at University of Washington



  • Windows/MacOsX/Linux





Sauro, Hucka, Finney, Wellock, Bolouri, Doyle, Kitano.
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