Conserve IV 1.4b – Assess & Prioritorize Conservation Schemes based on Phylogenies

Conserve IV 1.4b


Conserve IV is an application for calculating diversity in site-based conservation and assessing preservation schemes. Specifically, it calculates diversity metrics over a phylogeny or series of phylogenies. Individual taxa can be included or excluded from calculations, simulating the state of their preservation and possible accompanying loss of evolutionary history. Taxa can be grouped into sets manually or via several automatic methods, and these sets activated or inactivated as one. Where multiple phylogenies are provided, confidence limits are calculated for diversity metrics. Finally, capability is provided for summing external costs, expenditure that is specific to preserving individual taxa.


Paul-Michael Agapow and Austin Burt (, Dept. Biology, University College London



  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux


 Conserve IV