Vcellid 0.4 /CellID 1.4.6 / Rcell 1.1-8 – Microscope-Based Cytometry Cell-finding, Tracking & Analysis

Vcellid 0.4 /CellID 1.4.6 / Rcell 1.1-8


Cell-ID is an open-source cell-finding, tracking, and analysis package using microscope based cytometry. Cell-ID have been used  to track cells through time courses of cells containing fluorescent reporters, reporters of fluorescence translocation , and FRET reporters.

Vcellid is a graphic user interface for the Cell-ID software developed by Andrew Gordon. It was originally designed to provide a rapid visual feedback of the effects of different segmentation parameter values, and to ease the analysis of cell-tracking time course experiments.

Rcell is an R package for data analysis of Cell-ID output.


Laboratorio de Biologia Molecular de Sistemas



  • Windows / Linux


Vcellid/CellID/ Rcell



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