Brass 3.0 – Biological Rhythms Analysis Software System

Brass 3.0


BRASS (Biological Rhythms Analysis Software System) is a Microsoft Excel workbook for the analysis and display of rhythmic data series. Many in the circadian biology community already use the FFT NLLS suite of programs, in order to estimate period and phase values from rhythmic experimental data. We have developed a user interface to act as a front end to these programs. BRASS will import data from most of the data acquisition packages commonly used in plant circadian research, such as Kujata, Metamorph, Night Owl and Topcount, and also from a generic block of data. Our program will then automatically run FFT-NLLS on this data, and import the results back into MS Excel. BRASS also contains functions to perform statistical analysis of results, and to enable the rapid production of charts and graphs.


The Millar research group