STAMP 4.4.2 – Structural Alignment of Multiple Proteins

STAMP 4.4.2


STAMP is a package for the alignment of protein sequences based on three-dimensional (3D) structure. It provides not only multiple alignments and the corresponding `best-fit’ superimpositions, but also a systematic and reproducible method for assessing the quality of such alignments. It also provides a method for protein 3D structure data base scanning. In addition to structure comparison, the STAMP package provides input for programs to display and analyse protein sequence alignments and tertiary structures. Please note that, although STAMP outputs a sequence alignment, it is a program for 3D structures, and NOT sequences. If you are after a multiple sequence alignment for proteins of unknown 3D structure, stop reading now and contact GJB for information about AMPS, which can be used to perform multiple sequence alignments, or see for GJB’s latest methods for this problem.



The Barton Group




  • Linux /  MacOsX / Window with Cygwin
  • GCC





Proteins. 1992 Oct;14(2):309-23.
Multiple protein sequence alignment from tertiary structure comparison: assignment of global and residue confidence levels.
Russell RB1, Barton GJ.

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