SESAME 1.0 – Analyze Amplicon Sequences obtained through NGS Technologies



SESAME (SEquence Seeker and AMplicon Explorer)is a user friendly web application package for analyzing amplicon sequences obtained through NGS technologies. It was tested extensively with Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Chrome web browsers. It is designed to provide individual amplicon alignments so the user(s) can easily validate alleles and distinguish them from sequencing errors and artifacts. It includes automatic sequence assignation to multiple loci and samples via oligonucleotides tags. An assistant guides the user for input data upload and through the automatic sequence analysis steps. It provides an intuitive point-and-click interface to validate sequences as alleles from amplicon sequences alignments. All data are stored in a relational database, that user can query or filter through an intuitive interface. The results are exported as genotypes or sequences of genetic variants.



 the Next Generation Sequencing @ CBGP.







Meglécz E., Piry S., Desmarais E., Galan M., Gilles A., Guivier E., Pech N. and Martin J.-F. (2010).
SESAME (SEquence Seeker & AMplicon Explorer): Genotyping based on high-throughput multiplex amplicon sequencing.
Bioinformatics. 2011 Jan 15;27(2):277-8

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