REtools 5.0-101 – Assist in Restriction Enzyme Use

REtools 5.0-101


REtools is a user friendly and easily customized program to organize any laboratory enzyme stock, brings a software solution that makes restriction enzyme use and reaction condition determination straightforward and efficient.


The usually unexplored potential of isoschizomers becomes accessible to all, since REtools proposes all possible enzymes similar to the one(s) chosen by the user. Finally, many of the commonly overlooked subtleties of restriction enzyme work, such as methylation requirement, unusual reaction conditions, as well as the number of flanking bases required for cleavage, are automatically provided by REtools.


P. Pognonec



  • Windows / Mac OsX


REtools for Win ; for Mac ; Manual



REtools: A laboratory program for restriction enzyme work: enzyme selection and reaction condition assistance. BMC Bioinformatics 2006 Feb; 7:98

Any comment and/or proposal concerning this application is welcome! Please contact P. Pognonec for additional information.

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