RepeatAround 2.1 – Find Repeats in Circular Genomes

RepeatAround 2.1


RepeatAround is a Windows based software tool designed to find “direct repeats”, “inverted repeats”, “mirror repeats” and “complementary repeats”, from 3 bp to 64 bp length, in circular genomes. It processes input files directly extracted from GenBank database and several genomes can be input simultaneously. The program provides visualisation of the repeats location in the genomic structure and the search for specific motifs is also possible. Outputs can be obtained in a spreadsheet containing information on the number and location of the repeats. The software also generates random circular genomes, for statistical evaluations or comparisons between observed and expected repeats distributions.



Filipe Pereira



  • Windows





Goios A, Meirinhos J, Rocha R, Lopes R, Amorim A, Pereira L.
RepeatAround: A software tool for finding and visualizing repeats in circular genomes and its application to a human mtDNA database.
Mitochondrion. 2006 6: 218-224.

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