Protein Coverage Summarizer 1.3.7993 – Determine Percent of Residues in Protein Sequence

Protein Coverage Summarizer 1.3.7993


Protein Coverage Summarizer can be used to determine the percent of the residues in each protein sequence that have been identified. The program requires two input files: the first should contain the protein names and protein sequences (optionally with protein description) while the second should contain the peptide sequences and optionally also contain the protein name associated with each peptide sequence. A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to allow the user to select the input files, set the options, and browse the coverage results. The results browser displays the protein sequences, highlighting the residues that were present in the peptide input file, and providing sequence coverage stats for each protein.



Matthew Monroe; Niksa Blonder at Biological MS Data and Software Distribution Center , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory



  • Windows
  • Microsoft NET Framework 2.0


Protein Coverage Summarizer


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