PLIS 1.1 – Multiplicity Control using Pooled LIS Statisitcs

PLIS 1.1


PLIS (pooled local index of significance) is a multiple testing procedure for testing several groups of hypotheses. Linear dependency is expected from the hypotheses within the same group and is modeled by hidden Markov Models. It is noted that, for PLIS, a smaller p value does not necessarily imply more significance because of dependency among the hypotheses. A typical applicaiton of PLIS is to analyze genome wide association studies datasets, where SNPs from the same chromosome are treated as a group and exhibit strong linear genomic dependency.



Zhi Wei






Wei Z, Sun W, Wang K and Hakonarson H,
Multiple Testing in Genome-Wide Association Studies via Hidden Markov Models,
Bioinformatics, 2009 25:2802-2808

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