Phoretix 1D / Phoretix 1D Pro – 1D Gel Analysis

Phoretix 1D / Phoretix 1D Pro


Phoretix 1D is the premium 1D Gel analysis product on the market.As well as all of the automated features available in the 1D Gel analysis module of TotalLab Quant it can also perform complex band pattern matching across a gel essential in sample strain analysis, such as cultivar experiments, evolutionary biology and population genetics.


Phoretix 1D Pro allows you to perform large dataset investigations in a fast and easy to use interface. It includes Phoretix 1D analysis software together with a robust database to create a powerful analysis platform.


TotalLab Limited



  • Windows


Phoretix 1D / Phoretix 1D Pro


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