PGAP 1.2.1 / PGAP-X 1.0.4 / PGAweb – Pipeline for Pan-genome Analysis

PGAP 1.2.1 / PGAP-X 1.0.4 / PGAweb


PGAP (pan-genome analysis pipeline) can perform five analytic functions with only one command, including cluster analysis of functional genes, pan-genome profile analysis, genetic variation analysis of functional genes, species evolution analysis and function enrichment analysis of gene clusters.


PGAP-X is a microbial comparative genomic analysis platform with graphic interface.

PGAweb is a webserver for bacterial pan-genome analysis. It had integrated our previous published stand-alone tools PGAP, PanGP and PGAP-X into one server and simplifies the analysis of pan-genome.


Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences , Yongbing Zhao



  • Linux
  • Perl





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