ORTEP-III 1.03 /for Windows 2021.3 – Crystal Structure Illustration

ORTEP-III 1.03 /for Windows2021.3


ORTEP-III is Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plot Program for crystal structure illustrations.Ball-and-stick type illustrations of a quality suitable for publication are produced with either spheres or thermal-motion probability ellipsoids, derived from anisotropic temperature factor parameters, on the atomic sites. The program also produces stereoscopic pairs of illustrations which aid in the visualization of complex arrangements of atoms and their correlated thermal motion patterns.


Ortep-3 for Windows developed by Dr. Louis Farrugia is a MS-Windows version of the current release of ORTEP-III


Michael N. Burnett and Carroll K. Johnson



  • Windows / Mac /  Linux /
  • POV-Ray


ORTEP-III ; Ortep-3 for Windows



Michael N. Burnett and Carroll K. Johnson,
ORTEP-III: Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plot Program for Crystal Structure Illustrations,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL-6895, 1996.

WinGX and ORTEP for Windows: an update
L. J. Farrugia,
J. Appl. Cryst (2012), 45, 849-854.

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