Recodon 1.6.0 / NetRecodon 6.0 – Coalescent Simulation of Intracodon Recombination

Recodon 1.6.0 / NetRecodon 6.0


Recodon is able to simulate samples of coding DNA sequences under complex scenarios in which several evolutionary forces can interact simultaneously (namely, recombination, migration and demography). The basic codon model implemented is an extension to the general time-reversible model of nucleotide substitution with a proportion of invariable sites and among-site rate variation. In addition, the program implements non-reversible processes and mixtures of different codon models.


NetRecodon  is a population genetic simulator that generates samples of nucleotide and codon sequences from haploid/diploid populations with intracodon recombination, migration, growth and dated tips. It can also run in several processors using MPI.


Phylogenomics Group at the University of Vigo




  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux





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