mRNA by SNP Browser 1.0.1 – Graphical Overviews of Whole-genome Association Study

mRNA by SNP Browser 1.0.1


mRNA by SNP Browser” is an interactive package that provides graphical overviews of whole-genome association studies of datasets with very rich phenotypic information, such as global surveys of gene expression. The software incorporates a generic eQTL database and provides a graphic interface for browsing association between 54,675 transcript levels and 406,912 SNPs. For each transcript, our browser can tabulate and plot association test statistics (p-value<0.001), estimates of effect size and allele information across the genome. The browser automatically links results to the UCSC genome browser where users can examine each transcript in its genomic context. In addition to browsing the results by transcript or by position, results can be searched for information on specific SNPs. LD and tag information is provided for SNPs not in our database but evaluated by the International Hapmap Consortium.



Liming Liang



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 mRNA by SNP Browser



Dixon AL*, Liang L*, Moffatt MF*, Chen W, Heath S, Wong KCC, Taylor J, Gut I, Farrall M, Lathrop GM, Abecasis GR, Cookson WOC (2007).
A genome-wide association study of global gene expression.
Nat Genet 39, 1202-1207 | doi:10.1038/ng2109

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