Mixer 1.03 – ChIP-chip Analysis by Mixture Model approach

Mixer 1.03


Mixer is a mixture model approach to analyze ChIP-chip or ChIP-seq data, also with some utility functions to process DNA sequence data. It includes statistical methods for both data normalization and peak detection. The peak detection and quantification relies on a mixer model approach that dissects the distribution of background signals and the Immunoprecipitated signals. In contrast to many existing methods, mixer is more flexible by imposing less restrictive assumptions and allowing a relatively large proportion of peak regions. Robust performance on data sets predicted to contain numerous peaks is very important for the studies of the transcription factors with abundant binding sites, and common chromatin features or epigenetic marks.



Wei Sun








Wei Sun, Michael J Buck, Mukund Patel and Ian J Davis (2009),
Improved ChIP-chip analysis by mixture model approach.
BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10:173

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