MEGAN 6.21.14 – Metagenome analysis

MEGAN 6.21.14


MEGAN (MEta Genome ANalyzer) allows laptop analysis of large metagenomic data sets. In a preprocessing step, the set of DNA sequences is compared against databases of known sequences using BLAST or another comparison tool. MEGAN is then used to compute and explore the taxonomical content of the data set, employing the NCBI taxonomy to summarize and order the results. A simple lowest common ancestor algorithm assigns reads to taxa such that the taxonomical level of the assigned taxon reflects the level of conservation of the sequence. The software allows large data sets to be dissected without the need for assembly or the targeting of specific phylogenetic markers. It provides graphical and statistical output for comparing different data sets.



the Algorithms in Bioinformatics lab.



  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux
  • Java





Analysis of 16S rRNA environmental sequences using MEGAN.
Mitra S, Stärk M, Huson DH.
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