MapDraw 2.1 – Excel Macro for Drawing Genetic Linkage Maps

MapDraw 2.1


MapDraw contens a Excel macro to draw genetic linkage maps based on given linkage data. MAPMAKER is one of the most widely used computer software package for constructing genetic linkage maps.However,the PC version,MAPMAKER 3.0 for PC,could not draw the genetic linkage maps that its Macintosh version,MAPMAKER 3.0 for Macintosh,was able to do.Especially in recent years,Macintosh computer is much less popular than PC.Most of the geneticists use PC to analyze their genetic linkage data.So a new computer software to draw the same genetic linkage maps on PC as the MAPMAKER for Macintosh to do on Macintosh has been crying for.Microsoft Excel,one component of Microsoft Office package,is one of the most popular software in laboratory data processing.Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is one of the most powerful functions of Microsoft Excel.Using this program language,we can take creative control of Excel,including genetic linkage map construction,automatic data processing and more.In this paper,a Microsoft Excel macro called MapDraw is constructed to draw genetic linkage maps on PC computer based on given genetic linkage data.Use this software,you can freely construct beautiful genetic linkage map in Excel and freely edit and copy it to Word or other application.



Liu RH and Meng JL




  • Excel





Liu RH and Meng JL (2003)
[MapDraw: a Microsoft Excel macro for drawing genetic linkage maps based on given genetic linkage data.]
Heraditas (Beijing), 25 (3): 317-321

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