Kin2Dcont 1.8 & Kin3Dcont 1.12 – Produce Molecule Contour Map

Kin2Dcont 1.8 & Kin3Dcont 1.12


Kin2Dcont and Kin3Dcont read value/coordinate lists to produce contour maps in kinemage format. Both scattered data and uniformly sampled data can be contoured. Kin2Dcont can also be used to produce contours in PostScript format.


They are used to generate 2D or 3D contour maps in kinemage format. The programs kin2Dcont and kin3Dcont produce contour plots from tables of values and their 2-D or 3-D coordinates. If the data is scattered in space, the programs can smooth it and produce what is essentially a histogram in two or three dimensions. Evenly sampled data values can also be contoured, as well as data which is periodic, for example when the dimensions are angles with 360 deg the same as 0 deg.


Richardson Lab


Command Line


  • Linux/ MacOsX/SGI-irix/Sun-SPARC


Kin2Dcont  & Kin3Dcont



A Decomposable Algorithm for Contour Surface Display Generation, Michael J. Zyda, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 7, No. 2, April 1988, Pages 129-148.

Kin2Dcont  & Kin3Dcont are free softwares available under the terms of its own BSD-style license.

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