JavaScope 1.01 – Operate Philips CM200 Microscope & View Digital Images Remotely

JavaScope 1.01


JavaScope is a web-based application designed to operate a Philips CM200 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and to view digital images remotely. As a teaching and demonstration tool it can provide a “bulletproof” interface to the instrument for na?ve users and spectators. As a service tool it can be used by expert technicians to illustrate and explore specific problems with an instrument. This allows for a straightforward determination of the nature of a problem which benefits both customer and service provider. In this paper we will describe the implementation of the JavaScope application and discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of the system.



the Beckman Institute Imaging Technology Group



  • Linux / Mac OsX / Windows
  • Java


JavaScope Source Code


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