J-Express 2012 – Analysis and Visualization of Microarray Data

J-Express 2012


J-Express is a comprehensive portable software package for analysis and visualization of microarray data. The software gives access to methods for unsupervised analysis (clustering etc.), supervised analysis (SAM, Feature Subset Selection, etc.) and visualisation in an integrated and flexible way. Its efficiency allows interactive clustering of thousands of expression profiles on standard personal computers. Supervised analysis can be performed on samples by simple user-guided sample annotation or on genes through tools for metabolic pathway analysis and Gene Ontology mapping.


J-Express contains many analysis methods and data preparation tools to make the most of your data. Image analysis files can be easily prepared (normalized etc.) and combined for downstream analysis. Supervised methods can discover patterns in the data and reveal genes or gene groups (such as gene ontology groups or metabolic pathways) differentially expressed between samples. unsupervised methods can organize the data and discover patterns, or reveal underlying biological functions such as co-regulation.


  • New analysis methods
  • Genset enrichment analysis (GSEA)
  • Chromosome (DNA sequence) mapping and analysis
  • Gaussian kernels
  • Cross-data class prediction
  • Linear and symmetric color table support
  • Faster dataset repository access
  • Simple embedded resource download
  • Native look and feel


Molmine AS



  • Multiplatform
  • Java 6.0 runtime environment.(seeĀ www.java.com)




Most of the advanced features in J-Express are locked when no license is applied. Read more aboutĀ License package details. Purchase J-Express Licenses.

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