InterViewer 4.0 – Visualize Large-scale Protein Interaction Networks

InterViewer 4.0


InterViewer is a software for visualizing large-scale protein interaction networks. InterViewer  (1) first finds a layout of connected components of an entire network, (2) finds a global layout of nodes with respect to pivot nodes within a connected component, and (3) refines the local layout of each connected component by first relocating midnodes with respect to their cutvertices and direct neighbors of the cutvertices and then by relocating all nodes with respect to their neighbors within distance 2. Advantages of InterViewer over classical graph drawing methods include: (1) it is an order of magnitude faster, (2) it can directly visualize data from protein interaction databases, and (3) it provides several operations for effectively exploring large-scale protein interaction networks.



Biocomputing Lab. School of Computer Science and Engineering Inha University, Inchon



  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux
  • Java





Byong-Hyon Ju, Byungkyu Park, Jong H. Park and Kyungsook Han
Visualization and analysis of protein interactions
Bioinformatics (2003) 19 (2): 317-318.

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