iCE 3.5 – View Fingerprint Maps & Associated Data

iCE 3.5


iCE (Internet Contig Explorer) is an application that allows viewing physical map in a convenient manner. All the physical map data you know and love is here: gel fingerprint data, contigs (assemblies of clones), markers and comments associated with clones. The data is stored in SQL relational database which offers other advantages over flat-file formats both in data storage – you don’t need the entire database installed on your machine to view one bit of data – and future features such as reports. Contigs (and other data) can be viewed for different data sets – for example, different contigs resulting from different build parameters; different contigs built as fingerprint data is added to the database; contigs resulting from automated contig building versus manual human-assembly.



Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre



  • Windows / Mac /  Linux
  • Java





Christopher D. Fjell1, Ian Bosdet, Jacqueline E. Schein, Steven J.M. Jones, and Marco A. Marra
Internet Contig Explorer (iCE)—A Tool for Visualizing Clone Fingerprint Maps
Genome Res. 2003. 13: 1244-1249

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