HMMcopy 0.1.1 – HMM for Detecting Somatic Copy Number alterations in tumour-normal paired Whole Genome Sequencing data

HMMcopy 0.1.1


HMMcopy is a suite of tools to make copy number estimations for whole genome data with GC and mappability correction, then segment and classify copy number profiles with a robust Hidden Markov Model. Designed to work with high coverage whole genome HTS data, it can derive copy number estimations from large (~250GB) aligned BAM files in 2 hours on a single core with minimal memory requirements.



Shah Lab




  • Linux / MacOsX / Windows
  • R package





G. Ha, A. Roth, D. Lai, A. Bashashati, J. Ding, R. Goya, R. Giuliany, J. Rosner, A. Oloumi, K. Shumansky, S.-F. Chin, G. Turashvili, M. Hirst, C. Caldas, M. A. Marra, S. Aparicio, S. P. Shah.
Integrative analysis of genome-wide loss of heterozygosity and mono-allelic expression at nucleotide resolution reveals disrupted pathways in triple negative breast cancer.
Genome Research 2012 Oct;22(10):1995-2007.

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