Glob-mapper 2.96 – Plot data, Find and Extract Disconcordant Genes or genes with on/off Switches

Glob-mapper 2.96


 Glob-mapper is required to plot Event-mapper and Peak-mapper data and to extract hot spots (gene clusters) from the Event maps. Glob-mapper will search for the input data in a directory with pre-computed *.dat and *.sgn files generated by Event- or Peak-mapper, Glob-mapper also requires an identification file, containing genes ID and other information (a sample file is provided). This information will be displayed for the extracted genes. The ID file must contain at least three columns of data: 1 – unique profile identifier, 2 – gene identifier or CG number, this information will be extracted, 3 (must be the last column) – user-defined score value, this value is used to display a subset of the entire data on Event maps. Using this value user can, for instance, display all genes of a given pathway, which may serve as a marker in the analysis of the global gene expression.



Dmitri Papatsenko




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Goltsev Y, Papatsenko D.
Time warping of evolutionary distant temporal gene expression data based on noise suppression
BMC Bioinformatics. 2009 Oct 26;10:353.

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