GenomePixelizer 2003.10.1 – Genome Visualization Tool

GenomePixelizer 2003.10.1


GenomePixelizer is a visualization tool that generates custom images of the physical or genetic positions of specified sets of genes in whole genomes or parts of genomes. Multiple sets of genes can be shown simultaneously with user-defined characteristics displayed. It allows the analysis of duplication events within and between species based on sequence similarities. GenomePixelizer may be useful in the detection of duplication events in genomes, tracking the “footprints” of evolution, as well as displaying the genetic maps and other aspects of comparative genetics.


GenomePixelizer may be considered a drawing tool that generates custom images of genomes out of the given set of genes. Each element on the picture has a physical address defined by coordinates (pixels), hence the name “GenomePixelizer”.


GenomePixelizer Team, University of California



  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Tcl/Tk





A. Kozik, E. Kochetkova and R. Michelmore
GenomePixelizer—a visualization program for comparative genomics within and between species
Bioinformatics (2002) 18 (2): 335-336.

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