FCSM – Frozen Cell Stock Monitor



FCSM (Frozen Cell Stock Monitor) is a virtual nitrogen tank to monitor frozen cell stocks.


FCSM aimed at facilitating the monitoring of biological samples (cell lines, sera, etc) stored in liquid nitrogen containers. It consists of a virtual container in which scientists can “store” their samples and a program recording the location of each sample, cell characteristics, storage dates, names of the manipulators, and much more. Additional comments and a photograph can be associated with each vial, allowing for reliable tracking of samples. Vials can then be identified according to any parameter of interest to the scientist including associated comments. Once identified, the location of these vials is visually presented, simplifying their localization in the real container during retrieval. Thawing of vials is recorded by the program, together with the date and the name of the manipulator.


P. Pognonec



  • Windows / Mac OsX


FCSM for Win ; for Mac



Virtual nitrogen tank to monitor frozen cell stocks. Biotechniques 2000 Jul;29(1):122-6

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