E-Cell 3D demo – 3D Cell Simulation

E-Cell 3D demo


E-Cell 3D introduces a whole new dimension for the understanding of dynamic behaviors of complex cellular systems, with dazzling visualization using cutting-edge 3D graphics. This visualization approach allows the user to capture the entire system at a glance, and aids the heuristics of system biologists in the process of modeling.


E-Cell 3D accelerates the understanding of the whole cell with sophisticated 3D graphics.With E-Cell 3D, scientists can easily capture the dynamism in the cellular system, including the molecular concentrations of each of the components, flux and enzymatic activities, and compounds that are controlling the system that change their coordinates. Central process in systems biology is the modeling process, and this type of visualization aids the heuristics of experienced research scientists while modeling.


Dr. Kazuharu Arakawa and Mr. Nozomu Yachie, working under the direction of Dr. Masaru Tomita, Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University




E-Cell 3D


This demo is a fully functional E-Cell 3D software equipped with the circadian oscillation model of Drosophila by Ueda et al. (2001, Journal of Theoretical Biology), but currently the model cannot be changed.

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