DTMM 4.2 – Molecular Modelling program

DTMM 4.2


Desktop Molecular Modeller (DTMM) Version 4.2 is a simple-to-use molecular modelling program that enables you to perform powerful molecular synthesis, editing, energy minimizations, and display.


DTMM operates by manipulating data loaded from structure files that are supplied in a format similar to the Crystal Structure Search and Retrieval (CSSR) format.

Molecules can be viewed on-screen in any number of these display styles. Additional options include ‘toggles’ for display of shading, residue colour (for proteins), highlights, perspective, auto valency, and auto typing of atoms; removal of hydrogen atoms, and side chains (for proteins); and addition of axes, grids and atom identifiers to the displayed structure. The program can automatically determine the valency and type of each atom in the displayed structure. Structures can be re-oriented to offer the ‘best view’, or views along bonds or perpendicular to planes specified.

Peptide structures can be constructed rapidly from the program’s built-in set of amino acid structures. You can choose from several pre-defined conformations, and you can define secondary structures and display them as ribbons.


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