DNAmend 1.02a – Create Virtual DNA Constructs

DNAmend 1.02a


DNAmend is cloning software. That means, it may serve lab-workers in molecular biology and genetic engineering to monitor the DNA-cloning process. The authors tried to create a PC routine, that provides on-line control on some steps of a cloning protocol – including the selection of the vectors and fragments, their processing by restrictase digestion, subsequent ligation, and the analysis of the cloned DNA. The software is designed to accept files containing DNA sequence information in any file format based on PC-text. A set of pull-down menu commands enables the user to change the mode of viewing the DNA-sequences, print them out, and above all manipulate them . You can search DNA sequences for restriction sites, open reading frames and certain sequence patterns, translate the sequences and simulate restriction, ligation or end modification on-line.



Piet Jonas – programming
Björn Maul – scientific stuff



  • Windows




Click here to register for the ENGLISH version.

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