DBsolve Optimum r34 – Development & Analysis of Kinetic Models of Biochemical Pathways

DBsolve Optimum r34


DBSolve Optimum represents program tool for model creation, analysis, and estimation of the parameters with experimental data.



Institute for Systems Biology SPb



  • Windows


DBsolve Optimum



  • Goryanin, O. Demin, F. Tobin, Applications of whole cell and large pathway mathematical models in the pharmaceutical industry. IN: Metabolic Engineering in the Post Genomic Era,(2004), p. 321-356
  • Moehren, G., Markevich, N., Demin, O, Kiyatkin, A., Goryanin, I., Hoek, J., Kholodenko, B.N. Temperature dependence of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling network can be accounted for using a kinetic model (2002) Biochemistry, 41(1), 306-320
  • Nail M Gizzatkulov, Igor I Goryanin, Eugeny A Metelkin, Ekaterina A Mogilevskaya, Kirill V Peskov and Oleg V Demin. DBSolve Optimum: a software package for kinetic modeling which allows dynamic visualization of simulation results. BMC Systems Biology (2010), 4:109.

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