CSS-Palm 4.0 – Palmitoylation Site Prediction with a Clustering and Scoring Strategy

CSS-Palm 4.0


CSS-Palm is a computer program for palmitoylation site prediction, Clustering and Scoring Strategy for Palmitoylation Sites Prediction.The program’s prediction performance is encouraging with highly positive Jack-Knife validation results (sensitivity 82.16% and specificity 83.17% for cut-off score 2.6).



The CUCKOO Workgroup



  • WIndows / Linux / MacOsX
  • Java





CSS-Palm 2.0: an updated software for palmitoylation sites prediction
Jian Ren, Longping Wen, Xinjiao Gao, Changjiang Jin, Yu Xue and Xuebiao Yao.
Protein Engineering, Design and Selection.2008 21(11):639-644

One thought on “CSS-Palm 4.0 – Palmitoylation Site Prediction with a Clustering and Scoring Strategy”

  1. Hello,
    I am a master’s student at the National Institute of scientific research in Montreal Canada, and I would like to advance in my project using this software but I guess that the link is broken, There is another link or another way to me to get it?


    Laura Tejeda

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